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We have been certified by API System ISO 9001 (ISO 9001: 2008) management, environmental management system (ISO 14001: 2004) ma.

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We offer guarantee of 365 days from the date of shipment. We offer repair or replacement under warranty.

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Suction rod High Strength, polished rod, bar Drive, Stabilizer Bar

  • Suction rod

    The sucker rod, steel rod or fiber reinforced plastic in length and diameter standard externally threaded ends, typically used to transmit mechanical subsurface pump energy. Our company offers mainly ...

  • Conventional bar Drive

    The drive rod is a type of modified actuator rod bolt, specifically designed to withstand high torque levels experienced in applications progressive cavity pump. Our drill rod is equipped with modifie...

  • Polished bars

    The polished rod is a type of bar length and diameter with a standard surface finish designed to facilitate a snap fit in a packing and a mechanical bond between the equipment inside and outside the w...

  • Links

    The components internally threaded couplings are used to connect the sucker rods, bars poll, pony rods or polished rods pumps used for both surface and underground pumps. The threaded bolts couplings ...


Baotou Liande Oil and Mechanical Co., Ltd

Currently, our company has an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters and workshop covers about 55,100 square meters. We have 227 employees working in Liande, including 12 technicians and 2 engineers. As one of the manufacturers sucker rods with the potential more developed, we are able to manufacture 2,500 pieces per day sucker rods and 6,000,000 meters per year.